Outlook 2023: New Realities in Marketing

Alex Kesler Founder & CEO, INFUSEmedia

Insights from INFUSE Demand Experts to Empower Your Growth in 2023 and Beyond

As the sun sets on another year, now is the time to reflect, analyze, and plan new innovative strategies in order to generate the best outcomes for 2023.

Indeed, ahead of next year’s challenges lies the opportunity to drive growth and results for those quick to pivot to trends with flexible and resilient strategies that keep pace with emerging developments. It is evident that if success is to be attained in 2023, a significant shift in marketing strategies will be required.

At the center of the trends driving the evolution in B2B marketing is the need for marketing and demand leaders to demonstrate quantifiable performance and significant results from their marketing investment initiatives. This emphasis on performance and growth marketing born from the pressures of the looming recession has already had noticeable impact on the role of marketing departments within organizations—and will continue to affect how teams operate next year.

In fact, Forrester reports that up to 20% of demand teams stand to be incorporated into sales functions in 2023—a rather concerning statistic that demonstrates the ongoing problem of misalignment between sales and marketing and a wider issue that continues to plague many organizations.

While certainly an attempt to improve performance and boost revenue, this trend only emphasizes the need for marketers to deliver extraordinary growth results in the face of greater budget scrutiny—or risk losing their autonomy to the sales team.

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